Meet the Maverati..

Matthew Lymbery


"Give me a problem to solve and I'm in heaven"

Matthew has designed and built a collection of award-winning innovations including pioneering work in Artificial Intelligence, democratisation of analytics and automated machine learning.  As an entrepreunial Chief Technology Officer, Matthew has assisted multiple start-ups and consultancy / service  led organisations transform their ideas into high margin Saas revenue. 

Jack Mills


"He dreams it.. I make it better"

Jack has developed software and led development teams for 15+ years. In that time, he has developed a range of software for several industries including healthcare, reporting/analytics, finance and freight. Jack's skill set spans every element of the software development life cycle but probably his greatest skill is converting maverick ideas into clicks. 

Matt Armishaw


"He makes it better, I make it the best"

"One of the most talented developers I know" explains Jack, "..after me" he belatedly adds. Matt is passionate about producing the highest quality software and holds himself to consistently high standards whist keeping his finger on the pulse of the latest and most exciting tech

Alex Jackson


"I just love creating new stuff"

Endlessly enthusiastic, laden with ideas with a passion for creativity, Alex loves working in our team and prides himself as being our King of Personality (which he bestowed on himself.. enough said). 

Innovation is his sixth sense

Kate Pemmant


"There's nothing better than ruining a developer's day.."

Kate takes great delight in finding those hard-to-find bugs ... and rubbing it in the noses of our hapless devs. Great testing is essential for high-quality software and Kate amazes us all with her ability to test, and test, and test as though it was her first time seeing the software



"I take great joy in motivating  my team to turn out glitch-free,  quality software "

Paras has worked with many technologies but loves working out how to use the new stuff. Most important to him is getting his team to understand the user's perspective.

Key skills
Application, mobile and database development and dev lead

Paresh Kapuriya


"I love building apps that have that Wow! factor"

Paresh undertsands that app development is all about making user's lives better. He has 10+ years experience in building numerous enterprise grade desktop, web and cross-platform mobile apps. He loves new challenges and exploring emerging technologies

Key skills
Application development, automation and business Intelligence.

Manthan Bhanvadiya


"My goal is that all clients become reference sites"

Manthan has worked in tech delivery for nearly 10 years with many of those as a developer - he's learnt what it takes to deliver success. A reference site confirms that clients' expectations have been exceeded. Manthan is immensely proud of the projects he's delivered.

Key skills
Project management, client relationship management, agile project delivery.

Kalpesh Kapadia


"Everyone knew it was impossible, until a fool who didn't know came along"

Kalpesh specialises in designing clean, appealing and intuitive user experiences.He has an impressive portfolio of designs which simplify the complex, but still enjoys new challenges that push him to take his learning to the next level.

Key skills
Wire frames, user and process flows and site maps design

Alistir Robson


"I'm never short of a creative idea"

Alister has created social media adverts, commercial videos, worked on shows for local and national television and had his work viewed by over 1 million potential customers. He always strives to produce the best work of his ability, but he believes he is only at the start of his journey and always aims to increase his knowledge and expertise in every activity.

Three essentials to be a member of the Maverati

Love the job !

Innovation is never conventional

Win or Learn

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