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Despite the rise of collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Slack, emails activity grew by 4.2% in 2022

On average, a manager will spend around a third of their day dealing with emails.  Put in context, by 3pm they will have received the equivalent of 17 bins of mail which if stacked on on top of another would be about 15 to 20 feet high!

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The  lines between work and home life are becoming increasingly blurred. Workers often extend their working day substantially in order to keep on top of unread communication.

Managers reclaimed an average of 30% of their unproductive time when using Orgmail. 

Spending too much time and energy dealing with email overload?

Feeling the pressure of keeping on top of important emails ?

It's time to tame your inbox with

Save time

An average manager spends about 156 minutes a day dealing with emails. Orgmail simplifies the process of dealing with emails and gives you back an average of 45 minutes of your day.
Imagine utilizing that amount of time in other tasks that require your attention. Step-up your game and stay ahead of others!

Cut the crap

We tell people to cut the crap when they are wasting our time with irrelevant information; it's time to do the same with our email.
Why get a notification that is not worth checking? Orgmail can help you stay away from distractions and alert you only when there is something important

Strike a balance

Setting boundaries is the key to live a well-balanced life, but sometimes you need a disciplinary hand to help you stick to those boundaries. 71% of people spend time checking emails after their working hours to stay on top of their inboxes and a good portion of this time is spent on going through emails that aren't even important.

Orgmail allows you to strike a perfect work-life balance with features like an inbox curfew during the non-working hours or muting unimportant notifications

In our increasingly digital world, electronic communication is the driving force behind most organisations. The popularity of flexible working patterns, home working and more location diversity has reduced face to face meetings. This results in greater reliance on email to drive business decisions, increasing the need for efficient, unambiguous and timely interactions. But how does the average manager deal with around 200 emails a day? How can they be certain, day by day, that they are focusing on the right areas. Despite the increasing use of email, it is a skill that is often not taught. If handled badly, it can lead to late decisions, missed opportunities, disgruntled customers and poor time management.

How does Orgmail help ?

Read emails more quickly

Emails presented in a conversational style enables quicker review and more rapid conclusion. Emails are quicker to read, easier to absorb information and replies are significantly shorter and more succinct.

Gain control of your inbox

Our research surfaced an overwhelming frustration in taking work emails home, but conversely it showed that simply turning emails off without consent will fail. With Orgmail, the user regains control of their inbox by selecting one of five modes - strict lock-down, priority only, peak time, email dieting and zero inbox levels.

Reduce the amount of emails received

Educating, nudging and gamifying users to self-regulate and improve their email behaviour has a dramatic positive effect on the quantity, timing and spread of outgoing emails.
Less emails sent = less emails received.

Police email etiquette

Tonal and sentiment analysis moderates the content of replies by analysing sentences for tones of anger, confidence, fear and tentativeness. Personal SLA's helps the user manage response times and more importantly sets the expectations of the email sender.

For just £3, reclaim 2 days of your valuable working time every month *