The Overthinking trap

New habits

Week 2 of my #nudge plan and other than a two-day dip (which I’m conveniently blaming on feeling the effects of Covid Jab#2), all still on track. Great to get some early quantitative affirmation of achieving sprint goals with an astonishing half stone weight loss for myself and seeing our friends at Black Isle Group | BIG Isle Group seeing accelerated growth in their sales and marketing metrics.

I’m not a fan of the phrases “with the benefit of hindsight” and “if I knew then what I know now” but I can’t help wondering what the spotty, intensely shy sixteen-year-old version of myself would do with the knowledge of the power of everyday actions. By then my childhood dreams of being an astronaut, fighter pilot and cricketer had already been crushed (not through lack of ability clearly). Instead, I had become addicted to programming which way back in 1980 wasn’t seen as a mainstream career choice.

I looked with envious eyes at my elder brother, who was living the rockstar life in the embryonic but already glamourous electronic games market. Whilst I developed a program to help quantity surveyors manage their “Bill of Quantities” he was building BC Bill, a “strategy” game involving a caveman, a collection of dinosaurs and a large club. There is no doubt I could’ve followed his path but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. Result – do nothing.

So what everyday action would I advise 1980’s Matthew to do to overcome his recurring theme of procrastination?

Simply: “don’t over analyse, just do”

Throwing that challenge to you all out there, what everyday action would you have advised your younger self to do so it stuck as a habit into later life.

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